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Academic Calender

Academic Calendar 2024-2025
Our academic year is divided into two major semesters: the Autumn Term and the Spring Term. Please pay attantion to the Faculty of Tourism and Faculty of Medicine since both faculties are different from other faculties.
The dates of their beginnings are, respectively:


Start of lectures : 23 September 2024

End of lectures: 3 January 2025

Exam period : 6-17 January 2025

  • Exam retake  ( only taken if you cannot pass it on the first exam period)  : 27- 31 January  2025




Start of lectures : 10 February  2025

End of lectures : 23 May 2025

Exam period : 26  May - 04 June 2025

  • Exam retake  ( only taken if you cannot pass it on the first exam period)  : 16 -20 June  2025


Please keep in contact with your Medicine Departmental Coordinator Dr. Duygu SIDDIKOĞLU Hız via sduygucomu.edu.tr
In any case, we suggest you to arrive in Çanakkale one week before the beginning of your term so that you'll have time to meet your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator and become familiar with the city!
Application Deadlines
We might show some understanding with late applications only in some particular circumstances and for short delays anyway, but we strongly recommend you to stick to the deadlines to be sure that your application will be accepted.
Autumn Term Application Deadlines: May, 15th
Spring Term Application Deadlines: December, 15th